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Want to go all out for your wedding?

Looking for wedding favours that will really symbolise and double the lasting love and joy of your marriage and wedding?

Check out our Wedding Favour Sets!

These wedding favours are all paired up to show your guests how strong your relationship is.

Want to have a responsible wedding during Covid-19?

HoneySpree has got your back! We have all the items you need to stay sanitised during a wedding in this practical gift.

Spread Love, Not Germs
Spread Love, Not Germs
from $8.90

You’re finally tying the love knot and planning your wedding. Hooray!

You really want your wedding to be memorable and you’ve decided the way to do that is with quality products as wedding favours in Singapore!

Your guests are guaranteed to remember you when they have such healthy wedding favours to bring home! Gifts are a great souvenir for your wedding guests to remember your love and appreciation for them.

Make your wedding favours extra memorable with HoneySpree's wedding favours!

We also do delivery for our wedding favours, ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience free of stress or hassle.

Wow your wedding guests with HoneySpree's memorable door gifts!

HoneySpree understands that your wedding is a special occasion.

That's why we wanted to create something that leaves a lasting impression of your love on your wedding guests.

Create sweet memories with our honey jar wedding favours!

Our exquisite mini honey jars are loaded with nature's finest delicacy and sealed with a bee's kiss.

HoneySpree's wedding favours in Singapore are completely customisable, allowing you to provide unique wedding favours that fit any wedding theme you want!

The designs of our honey jar wedding favours can be completely customised to fit your wedding event.

Here are some choices for your personalised wedding favours:

Your names: Bride and Groom
Your wedding date
You could add the venue if it's a unique Singapore wedding venue!
Short sentiments of love and thanks
You can even customise each honey jar to include your guests’ names

Long after your wedding is over, your guests will still have fond memories with these small jars of golden, multi-floral honey.

Short on ideas for the designs for these treats?
Check out our signature selection of jars for your wedding favours instead!

Leave your guests a sweet memento to remember your wedding when you tied the love knot.

Aside from the themed wedding favours, we also offer customisable designs for your wedding favours!
The design menu of honey wedding favours ranges from modern to minimalist to tropical!
There's a reason why HoneySpree keeps these designs permanently - they're our top sellers!

Want to personalise the jars even more?
Contact us now for something truly unique to give your friends at your wedding.

Usher prosperity in your wedding and marriage with these Chinese Xi Honey Jars!

Your Singapore wedding will look extra auspicious with these wedding favours stacked at the dining table.

Your guests will definitely remember your wedding with these bold yet traditional designs.

Looking for Completely Personalised Wedding
Favours in Singapore?

Want something one-of-a-kind that describes your love and delights your guests?

Have your wedding favours completely personalised with HoneySpree!

We offer FREE custom designs for orders above S$300.

All you have to do to get started is contact us at +65 8686 2990 or

We can't wait to start this collaboration with you!

Support Our Stay-At-Home-Mums During Covid-19

Our team at HoneySpree is committed to easing the burden of Stay-At-Home moms in the city of Singapore.

All gifts and care packages are lovingly hand-wrapped by our Stay-At-Home-Mums in Singapore so every purchase helps to keep them employed.