About Us

HoneySpree is a Singapore-based health food retailer that was founded in 2011, benefitting the diet of Singaporeans with our flagship honey range from Pure New Zealand Products and many more.



HoneySpree’s Story

It was during a trip to New Zealand in 2010, when Beth Candice Wu, certified Public Health Education and Promotion Specialist, discovered the wonders of bees and their golden honey. For the love of that, what started out as a personal cultivation of health and wellness turned into an enterprising pursuit to better the lives of the people around her, one honey jar at a time.


Today, HoneySpree is constantly sourcing for premium natural and organic health food products from all around the world, to bring it home at affordable prices. We believe healthy food can taste good too! Our vision is to see a community of people free from disease, living as healthy and happy as the Good Lord must have intended our lives to be.