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About Us Page by CC

Founded in 2011, HoneySpree is a Singapore-based health food e-retailer dedicated to bringing you food products that enhance your well-being.

The story of HoneySpree began in 2010, when founder Beth Candice Wu visited New Zealand for the first time. As a certified Public Health Education and Promotion Specialist, Beth had a keen interest in helping people lead healthier lives.

During her trip to New Zealand, Beth discovered the special nutritious qualities of manuka honey. She was inspired to bring the wonders of manuka honey to the lives of others back home in Singapore. Thus, HoneySpree was born.

Today, HoneySpree is a leading distributor of manuka honey UMF5+ and UMF10+ in Singapore, thanks to our flagship honey range from Pure New Zealand.

Our vision is a healthier Singapore, with customers who are well-informed about food products that enhance their well-being. We aim to provide the Singapore market with premium health foods at affordable prices.

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