Delicious Food Bar Ideas for A Summery Outdoor Wedding

Delicious Food Bar Ideas for A Summery Outdoor Wedding

When people travel from far places to attend your special occasion, a mouth-watering food bar menu is what makes their time enjoyable. A perfect food bar menu does not require a lot of items. The trick is to add a limited number of items, providing different flavours of what's on display.

In this article, we have listed some of the most delicious food bar ideas for a summery outdoor wedding to make everyone love it.

BBQ Station

One of the top things that please and attract guests on a wedding occasion is a Classic BBQ fare. You can add different BBQ options for your guests, including grilled chicken, hot dogs, and burgers, chicken or beef slow-cooked BBQ, baked beans and more.

Sushi Bar

A Sushi Bar is a must to have for a wedding. Platter of different types of sushi will be loved by all your guests and will make your wedding a memorable one.

Serving bites rolled-to-order style sushi bar along with adding beautiful favours for favour table makes the best idea.

Ice Cream Station

Ice Cream Station is a perfect option for an outdoor summer wedding that your guests will love. Consider adding a variety of ice-cream flavours for your guests.

You may add honey gifts as favours for favour table along with the ice-cream station to make your guests feel the sweetness of the day.

Biscuit Carts

Biscuits are considered to be the ultimate comfort food. To make them look elegant, consider loading them into a wooden crate and emphasize the southern vibe of biscuits.

Another option is to also add a tray of jams or honey favours for favour tables. Adding a sweet touch of honey will be a gourmet and definitely please your guests.

Pizza Station

No matter what age, pizza appeals to every type of guest. A pizza station decorated with mason jars and potted plants gives a whole new and refreshing look to the table. You may a variety of pizza flavours so that everyone gets an option.

These are just a few summer outdoor wedding food bar ideas. The options are endless. Which idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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