Top 4 Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas

Top 4 Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas

A rustic wedding favor adds life to outdoor venues and has tonnes of nature-inspired elements, unlike common wedding favours that portray a certain theme or specific era.

Here are your four top rustic wedding favor ideas:

Honey jars

Honey is most commonly used in rustic wedding favors. Sweet honey is a good omen, bringing sweetness to the life of the couple. Also, honey jars look aesthetic while you can get the couple’s name and the date of the wedding engraved on it.

Moreover,  it makes your guests happy when they take it with them as a giveaway. The honey jars could be accompanied by personalized honey dippers as well.

Silver Antler Bottle Opener


These openers are the best rustic wedding favors. They are exquisitely crafted metal openers that are presentable and unique. You can decorate them with ribbons and can write a sweet ‘’Thank you’’ note. 

Silver antler bottle openers come under the vintage wedding favours, which you cannot commonly use. Thus, these bottle openers can appeal to many fashion lovers.

Mason jars

Personalized mason jars are becoming increasingly popular. You can carve the names of the bride and groom, date of the wedding, and choose the color as well.

Also, you can fill these jars with sweet treats such as chocolates or candies.  The jars will last a lifetime, and they are a great memoir for the big day of your life.

Wooden Magnets


They are inexpensive, cute, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly magnets.  You can carve these wooden magnets with the names of the guests or the bride and groom, which will make them more presentable. 

These magnets are made out of natural wood, which is reusable and compostable. Wooden magnet is also one of the most affordable rustic wedding favors.


Wedding is the most special day in your life and since rustic themes are unique, you can use any of these ideas to send your guests back with memorable vintage wedding favors.

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