What You Can Do Right Before Your Wedding

The nights leading up to your wedding may get stressful but fear not! Here are some things you can consider doing:

1 Say Your ‘Thank You’s

By expressing your gratitude, you’re not only giving your family, friends and wedding vendors the appreciation they deserve, but it can also take off some of the stress they may be facing. Knowing that they are cherished may also work in your favour, giving them great motivation to get through a long day full of events.

Win-win situation, we think!


2 Watch Something That Will Make You Laugh

Laughter is never a bad idea. It is known to significantly reduce stress. Put on a light-hearted RomCom, or a comedy of your choice before bedtime to loosen your nerves!

Here are some Netflix picks that will get you in the mood for your wedding!


3 Drink A Warm Cuppa Honey

To relieve nervousness and anxiety, let’s turn to our favourite liquid gold for some help! It is scientifically proven that the nutrients in honey produce a calming effect, especially when taken in significant amounts. So, grab your jar & have your soothing cup of warm honey just before bed.

Fun fact: Honey wine, or mead, is known as an aphrodisiac in the Middle Ages, signifying a blissful marriage. It was both used as a final toast and a proper beginning of a marriage.


As a word of caution, there are some things a to-be-bride shouldn’t do before the Big Day. Do read the things you should NOT do right before your wedding!

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