Health Benefits Of Tea

Aside from the benefits that tea is known for like its contribution to healthy skin and assistance in keeping you fit and trimmed, did you know that there are other health advantages that drinking tea can give its consumers?

Tea has various of benefits, from its ancient health benefits that has been made popular of up to its culinary potentials, modern science has taken these benefits to a higher level, thus the list focusing on the positive impacts brought by the antioxidant properties of true tea.

Reduce Cholesterol

Green tea became so popular that it can now be experienced in different forms like iced tea, frappe, ice cream and even chocolates. This is not just because of its yummy taste, but also because of its ability to help lower cholesterol in the body by absorbing cholesterol from the large intestine. According to studies, results can be achieved by regular intake of five cups per day. But it has been discovered via multiple studies that the higher consumption is, the bigger the cholesterol reduction in the body.


Inflammation is related to almost every modern ailment nowadays. The most obvious and almost daily adverse effect of inflammation to human body is its ability to retain water does make a person look so puffy of fat. To lower the levels of inflammation, tea is known for its active compounds that can do just the job and reduce inflammatory reactions as well. That is why tea is loved for its aid making consumers feel thinner.

Sharper Memory, Focus and Concentration

Tea has the combined benefits of naturally-occurring amino acid, the L-Theanine with caffeine, which is known to improve the reaction time and memory, while increasing focus and attention as well.

Dementia Risk Reduction

Because tea is helpful in sharpening memory, focus and concentration, thus it can also lower the risk of dementia. It does so by acting through multiple pathways, including those of nerve synapses and blood sugar regulation. Tea drinkers can benefit with increased attention span along with improved memory.

Healthy Body

A healthier body for tea drinkers, as it can prop up health, including skin and body composition just by drinking two to three cups of calorie-free and sugar-free treat, which is tea.

Tea is also a way to discover your potential to committing to a healthier lifestyle as you achieve a healthier life ahead!

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