5 Interesting Facts about Honey and Honey BeesAll About Honey

Have you ever wonder where honey came from? Or how it was made? Here are some interesting facts on honey and honey bees!

1. Honey making begins at the flowers, where bees collect the nectars in their mouths. The bee's saliva produces a special enzymes that turns the nectar into honey. 

2. Queen bees will lay around 1,500 to 2,000 eggs a day, at an average of one every 45 seconds.

3. The average honey bees visit an estimate of 225,000 flowers a day. To make a pound of honey, the worker bees visits about 2 million flowers. Which means it takes over 22,000 bees to make a jar of honey!

4. There are lots of different types of honey which taste different depending on the flowers used to make it. For instance, Manuka Honey is made from Manuka plant, which is a native to New Zealand and Australia!

5. Manuka Honey is typically more expensive to other types of honey due to its healing properties. It provides a wider array of benefits as compared to other honey! If you're looking to try some Manuka Honey, click here!


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