7 Types of Teachers You’ve Probably Encountered in School

7 Types of Teachers You’ve Probably Encountered in School

There are at least 7 types of teachers in school. If I could set the rules, I would like to get them to wear lanyards to show which type of teacher I am dealing with. But the schools have rules and sadly, I’m not the Principal. 


Oh well. 


Looks like we have to abandon the lanyards idea so let me just introduce you to the types of teachers you will meet in schools, the old-fashioned listing way.


 1. The ‘Just Enough’ Teacher

Everytime these teachers teach you, they simply read off their slides/notes. Word for word. They are just teaching for the sake of teaching, never doing more than what they need to do. When they are marking or grading your paper, there will only be marks there. No comments. No tips. Nothing.

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How you can handle them: There’s nothing you can do other than pray for luck because they themselves also do not know what they’re doing.


2. The Unhelpful Teacher

These kinds of teachers make you the most annoyed. When you ask a question, they answer you back with a question. At the end of the day, it will still not be answered. They make you question the reason why you even stayed through the class when you learnt nothing.

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How you can handle them: Try to gain sympathy from them by looking pitiful so they will feel a little bit bothered to teach you. If that does not work, you are better off looking for other teachers. (Honestly, just use the latter idea. Don’t waste your effort)


3. The ‘Best Friends’ Teacher

Here comes our friendliest teacher. These teachers are just like your best friends. They make you feel comfortable and it’s fun to be around them. They are also the teachers that you will greet by cheerfully shouting ‘CHER!’ and waving frantically along the hallway. 

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How to handle them: Treat them nicely! After all, they contribute to your fun school life.


4. The ‘Strictest of the Strictest’ Teacher

They are the complete opposite of our ‘Best Friends' Teacher. Whenever you see them along the hallway, you will siam (avoid in dialect) eye contact with them and run away (faster than Usain Bolt). Just the mention of their names can make you tremble. They are the last person you want to be caught forgetting your homework, wearing improper attire or not following rules. If you are caught… I’ll give you all my luck. You’ll need it. 

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How to handle them: Be sure to show your best behaviour. Follow the model student. Do your homework/assignments!


5. The Humourous Teacher

These teachers are 24/7 cracking jokes. They can make classes fun and engaging. They make you look forward to their classes and you enjoy their teaching. They somehow can magically turn the most boring subject to the most fun subject. Even Harry Potter’s magic can’t be compared to them. 


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How you should handle them: Their classes are really fun but make sure they don’t forget to actually teach you. Control their jokes. Even though you really want to just laugh along. (It’s hard… but you gotta do it!)


6. The Super Enthusiastic Teacher 

Passionate! That’s the most accurate word to describe them. You ask them a simple question, they reply with the correct answer but make it 10x longer. Their explanations are very relevant and helpful. They always go the extra mile to set extra lessons for students who require more support. This just shows how much they love teaching.


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How to handle them: Ask them all the burning questions you have. Do your best! Don’t let their efforts go to waste! They are the teachers to look for if you love learning as much as they love teaching.


7. The Nicest Teacher

Made a mistake? No worries, these teachers will correct you in the most politically-correct way. They always make sure you understand what they have taught in class.  Patience is their virtue. They will explain again and again until you fully understand the contents. You must have saved a nation in your past life if you met such a teacher, let alone teachers. They are the number one candidate for the Best Teacher Award. 


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How to handle them: Treat them like your treasure because they are indeed one. Appreciate them for patiently guiding and teaching you. 


There you have it, our list of 7 types of teachers whom you probably have encountered before. Some of these teachers may have helped you greatly and some may have annoyed you. Despite all that, they are still your teachers and they have worked tirelessly to guide us. 


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