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Why Do We Give Gifts?

Jul 09,2022 | Agnes Beldad

The Gift that Gives Right Back!

why we give people gifts

Have you ever wondered why gift-giving occasions exist?

The ancient tradition of gift-giving dates back to the origin of our species before civilisation came to be.

It was an important way to establish dominance and, more often than not, leaders of tribes gave gifts to people who have achieved something great for their tribe.

There must be something incredibly special about giving gifts that kept its tradition going till today!

Gift giving has emotional benefits that make both the giver and the receiver happy. In fact, research shows that giving gifts actually makes us happier than receiving gifts does!

Why is this? Here are some reasons why gift-giving makes us so happy:

Meaningful Gifts Strengthen Bonds and Build Relationships

personalised gifts

We live in a material world where people often look for instant gratification, and gift exchanges are one way to experience that joy.

Yet, in the world of gift-giving, it’s not as simple as buying any random gift.

Interestingly enough, some people like to buy things that they themselves like for others. I never really quite understood that.

The most meaningful gifts require time and effort - a general rule is to pick something that is personal and thoughtful.

Giving a gift shows the recipient that you care, and this is the key to building a lasting relationship.

The right gifts can enhance feelings of closeness towards the people you care about which, in turn, makes you feel happy, safe and comfortable.


Exchanging Gifts Shows Appreciation

actual gift

Be it a small or extravagant gift, recipients will still feel joy when they receive gifts as they know that you care and appreciate them.

A tip though: such gifts are most appreciated when they are least expected.

At events such as birthday parties, you probably already expect to receive several gifts. In fact, if good friends or close family members don’t send you a gift on your birthday, you may feel unloved.

That being said, you don’t need expensive gifts to show your appreciation.

A thoughtful gift chosen with the recipient in mind, accompanied with a heartfelt greeting card, is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

By treating the people you love with appreciation, you tend to receive the same appreciation, if not more.

Your recipients develop a closer social bonds with you and this ultimately helps to build and strengthen the relationship between the giver and receiver.


You Feel What You See

special occasions other gifts

People always say that you are what you eat... and you feel what you see!

We live in the world of social media and it’s almost every day that our phones have to “eat” before we do. If you are Gen Y or Z, chances are, you feel this implied obligation to Instagram the gift that you receive.

When you receive that Instagram notification that your friend has received your gift and told their social media audience, it likely makes you feel seen and appreciated in return.

It makes you feel like a really good friend especially if you have sent a gift when your friend needed it the most.

Seeing your loved ones happy makes you happy. (And you probably feel superior if they have an amazing caption thanking you!)


You Reap What You Sow

improved social interactions

We get out of a relationship what we put into it.

People who always take advantage of their friends will eventually lose them when their friends realise how they are short-changed in their friendship.

If you have always been a generous giver (doesn’t have to be in the financial sense), you tend to have your loved ones reciprocate your generosity.

Everyone loves to feel appreciated and nothing does it better to have your family and friends communicate that to you in the form of gifts.

As they always say, what goes around comes around.


When Your Gift Gives Back to the Less Privileged

celebrate with presents that give back

Everyone is born kind. Rich or poor, the majority of human beings want to do good and give back whenever they have the chance.

However, most people just do not know how or where to get started.

Many also feel that giving back is reserved for the rich because they associate giving back with writing big cheques to a charity.

The truth is, it doesn’t take a lot to give back to the underprivileged. It can start from something as small as your gifting choices.

How about choosing to buy gifts from HoneySpree, a company that hires underprivileged Stay-At-Home-Mums to hand-wrap their gifts?

We have the perfect gift options to commemorate your special occasion, be it for the Christmas holiday season or just because!

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