What Kind of Flowers Would Last for Outdoor Wedding Parties?

What Kind of Flowers Would Last for Outdoor Wedding Parties?

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, selecting the perfect flowers for your bouquet or other wedding decors could be hectic. 
But, don’t worry!
Here is a list of some best flowers that would last seamlessly for an outdoor wedding:


Whether it’s your bouquet or a centerpiece, succulents are the versatile selection, offering a unique look. They bring a dramatic effect to the wedding venue. Since they need very little water and have an extremely long life, you can even hang them from a ceremony backdrop. 


Sunflower will never let you down as they are the most bright, warm, and long-lasting. They are perfect for your bouquet and you can use them to decorate a wedding cake or as a table runner. 

Craspedia Billy Balls

These globe-shaped balls look artificial and are perfect for an outdoor wedding. These flowers can last for days. You can even use dried Billy balls which last even longer. These are best for spring outdoor wedding. 


Rose is the hottest, romantic and beautiful choice for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Garden spray roses are specifically terrific for the outdoor wedding since they work best against the hot sun and blue sky. 


These are extremely durable and look so fresh, making them the perfect choice for a bouquet or centerpiece. 
They smell amazing. You can even use them as garland for your wedding arch or as a table runner. 


These flowers are super soft and graceful. They absorb the heat, making them perfect for outdoor weddings. You can also incorporate these flowers to your wedding cake. 
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