This Moment is Fleeting

This Moment is Fleeting

It flies so fast!

This little phrase seemed fun until I became a parent. It feels like my daughter was only giggling yesterday, and today she is approaching kindergarten.

Oh, Yes! This all happened in a blink of an eye.

Well, well, well.

We can’t catch time, but we can make the moments happiest.

From your baby’s first step, first “mama” word to her or his first jump, you can enjoy those little moments with your child and make a beautiful memento forever.

But, with those busy routines, lunchtime, dinner, bath time, bedtime, and other chores, raising a happy child may seem like a holy grail to many parents.

The question is, how we can enjoy the joys of life with our little toddler and all that chaos?

Well, it is all about soaking into the moments.

Stop worrying about how much time you spend with your child, and start thinking about how to make those minutes of togetherness memorable and more fun.

With a lot of responsibilities, you may feel overwhelmed, as I do too. But the trick is learning the art of being in the moment with your kids. 

I chase my toddler every night before we go to bed. Someday, we go for evening Pajama walk, and other days we just plan for a pizza party at home. We play games together, have fun ice-cream time, plan special events, and do some budget for a vacation,  All-in-all, we enjoy the time together. All these activities offer a unique opportunity to have fun and energize conversation with your kid.

As your kids grow up, offer them tools and encouragement for self-confidence. We can believe in them and help them discover how amazing they are. I always encourage my daughter for what she does. I watch her, listen to her, and understand her. We all can perhaps do this.

And yes, never forget to capture and save every happy moment with your kid on a device. I still feel amazed when I replay video of the first step of my toddler, who has grown to 5 years now. Sometimes, it just gives happy vibes.

Always be mindful. Calm your thoughts, mind, and emotions. Be less stressed, and be in the moment to enjoy it at its fullest.

How do you enjoy your time with your kids? Do you have any other tips to offer? Don’t hesitate to share!

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