Checklist for Wedding Prep

Checklist for Wedding Prep

Looking for a nimble yet practical wedding preparation checklist? With so many details to arrange, search for appropriate wedding favors, and several other hectic tasks, a wedding may seem overwhelming to you.

But, having a planned wedding checklist can reduce your stress and make this job more fun. Here is a checklist for the wedding prep to help you plan a stress-free wedding.

  • Determine your budget and stick to it.
  • Make a guest list and save it. Reduce the guest list if you want to keep the cost low.
  • Hire a wedding planner if you’re not tight on a budget.
  • Decide the theme for your wedding.
  • Select a venue and reserve your dates - consider traveling time when selecting a venue.
  • Select a caterer and book in advance.
  • Start shopping for the wedding costume, ring and other accessories.
  • Choose a bridal dress.
  • Buy wedding shoes and confirm dress fitting.
  • Choose wedding invitation cards.
  • Buy perfect gifts for wedding guests.
  • Buy gifts for the bridal shower, if celebrating.
  • Hire musician and give him a list of your favorite songs.
  • Book a lighting technician.
  • Book the transportation for the bride and groom. Also for guests, if required.  
  • Book the salon for makeup and hairstyle.
  • Decide the cake for the wedding ceremony.
  • Plan menu and flowers décor.
  • Book a wedding photographer.
  • Start inviting guests.
  • Buy beautiful wedding favors for rehearsal dinner.
  • Buy remaining small items for the wedding.
  • Review all preparation, touch base with all vendors again, and make sure everything is well-prepared.
  • Plan the destination for your honeymoon.
  • Get pampered on your wedding day.

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Want a PDF version of this checklist? Click here to download it! 

Happy marriage in advance!

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