7 Ideas to Build Your Own Christmas Hamper

7 Ideas to Build Your Own Christmas Hamper

Looking for some unique Christmas gifting ideas for your party host or hostess this holiday? Getting a personalised Christmas hamper is a nice gesture to say “thank you for having me” and show your appreciation toward your host/hostess.

So, here is a list of top Christmas gifting hampers ideas. 

1. Sweets Christmas Hamper


Get a beautiful bamboo basket and fill it with tissue papers. Now top the hamper with yummy holiday sweets, such as mini honey jars with customized messages, chocolates, cookies, and candies. You may add cocoa and tea to it.

2. Christmas Hamper for Bakers

If your party host/ hostess loves baking, get her a hamper of fancy baking equipment. You can buy items such as spatulas, whisks, moulds, and measuring cups to fill up the hamper. Include a cookbook of his/her favourite baker with a few small bags of artisan flour. 

3. Luxury Christmas Hamper

Looking for some luxurious Christmas gifting idea? Get a string metal basket and fill it with string lights. Now fill it with gourmet cheeses and a bottle of wine to have a tempting hamper. It makes the best Christmas gift kit if your host/hostess is someone close to your heart with a taste for fine food and wines.

4. Vintage Ice Cream Gift Hamper

Is your host or hostess someone who loves ice-cream? Get a colourful basket and fill it with wafer cones, chocolate chips, sprinkles and all sort fun and yummy toppings. Top it with printable cards with custom messages of your appreciation.

5. Gift Hamper for Dog Lovers

Does your party host/hostess own a dog or any other pet? Get them a special Christmas basket filled with various pet items such as collar tags, cute costumes, leashes, collars, bandanas, and more. You will definitely be loved by both your party host and their pets.

6. Spices Christmas Hamper

If your host/hostess loves cooking with herbs and spices, this Christmas gifting idea is best for them. Have a wicker basket and fill it with an assortment of ground herbs and exotic spices or even whole spices. You may decorate it with some fresh herbs.

7. Spa Christmas Hamper

If you are designing a hamper for holiday hostess, go for one filled with beauty products such as beauty creams, lotions, shampoos, face masks, perfumes, body sprays, and more. She will definitely love it!

There are endless ways to customise your Christmas gifting to the liking of your host or hostess. Know what they love and design a unique holiday basket for them. Cheers!

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