6 Fun Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love to Play

6 Fun Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love to Play

Feeling excited about an upcoming baby shower? Looking for fun baby shower party games to entice your guests?

Well, below is a list of a few enjoyable baby shower party games that everyone would love.   

1. Diaper Derby

The game involves toilet rolls. Make pairs of two and hand a toilet roll to each pair. One member will have to wrap the other member up with the toilet paper, into a mock diaper within the given time. The team with the most creatively diapered ‘baby’ wins

2. Baby Sketch Artists

It is another interesting baby shower party game. Distribute paper plates and markers among all the guests. Ask them to draw a picture of the baby while keeping the paper plate on their heads. The best sketch will win.

3. Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

This game can add some more fun to your baby shower. Prepare a large sized baby bottle for each individual. Fill it with milk, juice or any other beverage. Set a timer of thirty to forty seconds and see how much of the liquid each person can drink within the given time. Whoever finishes the entire bottle or drinks the most of it will win.

4. Don’t Let Your Water (Balloon) Break

Add some water balloons to your baby shower. Fill a small pool with water balloons. Each individual is supposed to carry a water balloon between the knees and waddle to the finish line. Then, the balloon must be dropped in a bucket placed at the finish line. If the water balloon bursts, they must go back and begin again. The one who collects the most wins the game.

5. Don't Drop the (Egg) Baby

This baby shower party game lets you bring out the inner creativity of your guests. Provide your guests with some eggs and paints to decorate the eggs to look like a baby. Then organize a race in which each person carries the egg “baby” on a spoon. The spoon must be held between the teeth, and carried from the marked starting line till the finish line. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins the game.

6. Play Dough Babies

It is another creative party game to add some fun to your baby shower. Give everyone a few different colored pieces of dough. Set a timer for 10 minutes. The one who creates the cutest dough baby in the given time wins the game.

Because what’s a baby shower without some fun and exciting party games?

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