5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Co-workers Will Love

5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Co-workers Will Love

They know when you’re late. They know when you’re happy or sad. They are one you spend all day long with.

But when it comes to annual gift exchange, you may feel overwhelmed, trying to figure out what John will love or Amelia will appreciate the most.

To help you, here is a list of five awesome Secret Santa gift ideas that best suit your price range and different personality types.

1. Customisable Honey Jars


Did you get co-workers who love sweet flavours? Get this gift set of multi-floral honey jars from Honeyspree to show the sweetness of your love to your people. You can get the jars with customized messages.

2. Custom Leather Keychains

Get gift sets of colourful leather keychains and gift them to co-workers who always misplace their ID cards or keys. You can even customize the keychain with your co-worker’s names or to fit your needs.

3. Travel Tumbler

Office workers love travel cups as it helps them carry their favourite beverage around anywhere.  Get portable and dishwasher armour travel cups from Tervis to gift them to your favourite people. You can choose from a number of their customized cups to fit different personality types.

4. Hand-stamped Pencil Set

The engraved pencil sets make a thoughtful and practical gift idea. These gift sets come in a variety of themes with customized quotes, making your to-do list more fun to put down. Your co-workers will remember you every time they use it to note down anything.

Pairing it with a journal or waterproof notepad makes even more exciting Secret Santa Present.

5. Fun Coasters

What could be a better gift than helping your co-workers keep their desks neat and free of spills? Coasters are small and inexpensive and a welcome addition to nearly anyone's desk. 

No matter what you prefer to gift your co-workers this Christmas, don’t forget to have fun with them. Have a Merry Christmas!

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