Have you ever noticed exhausted faces trudging through the corridors of your office? Making those long boring shifts of 9 to 5 without a will to do so, have no minimum motivation while coming to work. Then this article is for you as it entails some unique corporate gifting ideas.


Not a cancelled meeting notification or a reduced work shift will boost morale, but unique gifts from you (the employer) will do wonders. Forging connections with employees via gifting can boost their confidence and make them feel valued and appreciated.


Employees are the prima facie of the company; they need to be made aware of the value they bring to the company and deserve appreciation for their hard work. The best way is to consider their vital role in the company's functioning and acknowledge their efforts through gifting.


The concept of corporate gifting is old, but it has gained momentum in recent years. Especially after the pandemic outbreak, keeping up the employees' morale became the most important metric for the companies to survive through the harsh times. Companies started efforts to propel dedication and motivation into their employees through a small act of appreciation—these small acts of gratitude help boost employees’ morale and commitment.


Let us dive into the rationales for why corporate gifting matters.



Gifting is a form of recognition and appreciation that yields positive results. These are a few reasons why corporate gifting matters.


66% of employees are likely to switch if they feel unappreciated. Hence, frequent churns of employees can destabilise the business. Gifting is a way to make them feel valued and appreciated. If the enterprises keep good relations with their employees, all other important metrics will exhibit desirable results.


It is undoubtedly a fact that the most vital assets of any business are its loyal and hardworking employees. They work in tandem and enthusiasm to drive your business and achieve your goals. Gifts are a way to foster goodwill amongst employees. Rewarding them for their efforts can forge passion and dedication for their jobs, which works in favour of the employer.


It is a de facto fact that employees are the first customer of any business, so they need to be kept happy and motivated. Happy employees make smarter decisions, as Swarthmore's study entails, that happy employees make better decisions because they have lesser fear and anxiety. Gifting occasionally can act as a motivating factor and forge loyalty and job satisfaction.


Making gifting your tradition is one of the best workplace practices you can adopt.

Now, it is settled why corporate gifting matters. Let us dive into some ideas.



When it comes to employee gifting, a thoughtful gift goes a long way, especially when given to an employee. Wellness-specific gifts such as essential oils, honey jars, care kits etc., can effectively show employee gratitude and respect while promoting their holistic well-being. It promises happiness and happier employees and encourages employee retention and satisfaction. It also fosters goodwill amongst the workforce and incentivises them to continue their hard work with reinforced dedication.


Here are 05 ways to keep your employees’ morale and spirits high.


Fill your employees’ day with sweetness and joy by giving them customized honey jars. It may seem a bit old school, but gifting honey has always been blissful as it exhibits excellent health benefits and shows care and concern for the giver. It is yet a most thoughtful gift you can give an employee.


You can give your employees gift sets on different occasions. Some of the ideas are below.

Give your employees an appreciation gift when they hit a milestone or perform exceptionally well. This gift box contains one mini honey Jar. 1 honey dipper, 3-in-1 Ferrero Rocher & 4 lotus biscuits.



Empower your female workforce with these customized you-go girl sets. This adorable ‘you go girl gift set’ includes two hand sanitizers, a mini honey jar, a mini honey dipper, and some snacks, all packaged in a pretty yellow box. It is a perfect gift to show women in your workforce that you appreciate their strength and independence.

Empower your female workforce with these customised empowering gift sets. This adorable ‘empowering gift set’ includes Ferrero Rocher, a mini honey jar, a mini honey dipper, and some snacks, all packaged in a pretty yellow box. It is a perfect gift to show women in your workforce that you appreciate their strength and independence.

Give the gift of sustainability to your employees with an exclusive Eco-friendly gift set. (you can gift the items separately too). This set contains a set of bamboo cutlery, a bamboo tumbler, a bamboo lunch box, 2 Honey Soaps, and 2 Hand Sanitizers—a perfect gift for your eco-conscious employees.

Are you looking to promote relaxation in your office or want your employee to be mentally relaxed? Then look no further and gift your employees a mindful medication gift set including a diffuser and blend of six different oils or an aromatherapy gift set that contains a diffuser and lavender oils. You can gift all items separately too.

It is a perfect gift after a stressful and draining work semester or a month. It is also the best way to relax your employees and build their morale.



Is your missing employee work because he is feeling unwell? Then there are a few care options that you can gift to your employees.

Is your employee missing work because of the pandemic? Then this corporate gift will bring joy and sweetness amidst their gloominess. It contains a mini Bee Safe customised honey jar with a mini honey dipper, hand sanitisers and some snacks to sweeten their day.

Send your work-at-home employee COVID care pack that contains a mini jar of honey with a dipper, a hand sanitizer, and the essence of chicken.


Need any ideas for giving your employees an employee of the Year hamper? We got you covered.

Express your gratitude to your employees this new year with a prosperous gift like Harmonious Wealth CNY hamper that contains Australian Premium Abalone 425 g (12 pcs), two Mandarin oranges, four mini honey jars and two mini honey dippers. It comes with a premium round gift box with a scarlet red ribbon.

Need a client to impress or an old employee with a tenth work anniversary. The imperial wellness CNY gift hamper is a perfect gift of the moment. It includes SCS butter cookies, English breakfast tea sachets, two brand’s berry essence, two mandarin oranges, four mini honey jars, and two honey dippers. It comes with a premium round gift box with a scarlet red ribbon to fill your employees’ day with sweetness and happiness.

Are you welcoming an employee after the COVID holidays? The double Reunion gift hamper is the best corporate gift to gift. It includes two Australia premium Abalone (12 pcs), two kinohimitsu bird nests with snow lotus and honey, two Mandarin oranges, four mini honey jars, and two mini honey dippers.

Whether welcoming a new employee on board or sending a unique year gift to your client, the blooming good fortune CNY hamper is perfect for you. It includes three Australia premium abalone (12 pcs), ten fragrance premium kurobuta bak kwa single packs in a premium tin, a kinohimitsu bird nest with snow lotus and honey, four mini honey jars and two mini honey dippers.

Wish your business partner a prosperous year ahead with our premium prosperity CNY hamper. It includes four Australian premium abalone (12 pcs), one fragrance premium truffle bak kwa, two kinohimitsu bird’s nests with snow lotus and honey, four mini honey jars and two mini honey dippers.


Is your secretary helping you to keep your business afloat? Now it is time to give them an appreciation gift. There are a couple of options that you can give to your secretary.

Pay gratitude to your hardworking secretary by gifting this customised grateful for your hamper. This gift set includes delicious almonds thin and earl grey tea that helps to rejuvenate and help them retire from a long day. But that’s not all; we’ve also included two honey soaps to help them refresh during their hectic day.

Are you looking to gift your secretary for their long-term hard work? Look no further; our best secretary ever set is the perfect gift to do so. It comes with 100% pure essential oils that are perfect for diffusing in your office or home, while the honey is ideal for sweetening your day.



Final Words

Thoughtful gifts are great to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. It can boost morale and make them feel valued, increasing productivity and loyalty. Celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, goals, or job promotions, is also great. Showing your employees that they are appreciated is one of the best things you can do to ensure their continued success. The above are a few ideas that you can gift to your employees. However, your employees will surely appreciate the gesture no matter what you choose.


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