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Unique Edible Wedding Favour Ideas

May 24,2019 | HoneySpree Interns

It is your special day and you want to make a lasting impression and thank your friends and loved ones for spending your wedding day with you, but what do you do?

Well, you give them a unique wedding favour or door gift that they will cherish and enjoy, that is what you do! Below we will go over three of the most unique edible wedding favour ideas that you could possibly imagine, these gifts will add the ‘cherry on the cake’ for all of your guests.


Mini Honey Pots

Are you looking for something unique, beautiful and with meaning? Then these mini pots of honey are a perfect wedding favour. They have multiple designs to satisfy all appetites and occasions, not only do they look cute, they are also extremely delicious.

Once your guests eat the scrumptious honey inside, they can always keep the pot for decoration and for storing things like beads or pins for example.

The connection to weddings, Love and matrimony is also historical, so you are giving your guests something that is really related to the occasion.

Fortune Cookies

Everybody loves a fortune cookie! So why not add one to your door gift and delight your guests. There are many businesses that supply bespoke fortune cookies for any occasion. 

Make sure you get ones decorated to match your wedding day and that have sayings that will make sure your guests talking about them for months afterwards. Fortune cookies can be a great way to Inject a bit of romance and fun into your wedding favour.

Rock Candy

Ramping up the sweetness scale, we give you wedding rock candy! These little candies are great because they can be customised for each individual wedding. 

You can have the name of the wedding couple written into the candy, so every piece that is cut or bitten into has the names related to that wedding. It is a welcomed accompaniment to any wedding favour and will be loved by your guests. 


Be careful what wedding favour you choose

It is very important to get the right wedding favour or door gift when thinking about your wedding day. A great majority of ideas can be seen as tacky or just simply something your guests will throw away once they get home.

Choosing something unique, tasty and that has great significance will mean that your guests have something that they will cherish and remember for a long time after the event.