5 Interesting Party Themes for Girls

5 Interesting Party Themes for Girls

Looking for some unique girls party theme to throw a mesmerizing party? We have gathered 5 amazing theme ideas to blast a rocking girls party.
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Retro 80s Theme

Many consider the 80s as being the finest decade for fashion which was often tailor-made for parties. Get a retro party wall scene setter and a few centerpieces to give your guests an authentic 80s experience. The era was full of great music and wonderful movies. So, there will be no shortage of inspiration for you. 

Hipster and Hippy Theme

Get some of your guests dressed as hippies and others as hipsters for a fun-filled party where two different worlds collide. Plan some interesting party games for both sides. Cool costumes and friendly competition. What could go wrong?

Neon Theme

If you are looking for some wild fun, then a full-on neon adventure might be the way to go. Bring out the colors in your clothing and decorate the place up with neon paint, neon lights, streamers, etc. Take it up a notch by shrouding everything in black light. The neon colors will come out in all their glory. 

Hawaiian Luau Theme

Who among us wouldn’t want to have a vacation in The Aloha State? If going there isn’t feasible for you, just throw a Hawaiian Luau-themed party. Get lots of pineapples, tiki torches, leis, and hula skirts to create a unique party experience for your guests. 

Hollywood Theme

If you want some glitz and glam, then a Hollywood-themed party will be perfect. You can create your own little red carpet, set up a screen to play your favorite Hollywood movies, or even design a walk of fame for your honorable guests. Get some Hollywood stars balloons, hat headbands, and cardboard paparazzi cutouts for the right Hollywood feels.
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