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5 Interesting Party Gift Favors for Baby Showers

Jun 11,2019 | HoneySpree Interns

Among the most cherished moments of life, baby shower remains the most precious one. Guests on this day come from far to offer sincere wishes, advice, parenting tips, and precious gifts to create a meaningful memorable moment.

To make the moment absolute favorite with ease, we have listed below some unique party favors for baby shower.

Personalized Honey Jars

Honey symbolizes everlasting love and its unmatched sweetness makes it the best gift. Personalized honey jars are classic baby shower party favors as they remind of all the sweetness the baby brings. Adding to this, it provides the little one and mother with numerous health benefits.

Personalized Plants

Sow the seeds of love by planting trees and gifting them. Personalized plants are a meaningful gift which will grow alongside the baby to create cherished memories forever. All plants refer to a certain meaning and provide multiple benefits, which the baby can enjoy too.


Little frameset, or large frames, are one of the unique favors, helping the parents to preserve their golden moment.

Customized Soaps

Customized soaps like cute button soaps or beehive soaps are another can’t-miss pick. You may also consider giving handmade soap to provide the baby and mother with natural benefits along with the memorable calming scent.

Handmade Bath Bombs

Similar to the upper point, the homemade bath bomb is an amazing option. You can make a number of bath bomb for the coming kid and mother for the luxuriating bathing experience.

To get one of the best baby shower gifts in Singapore, contact us right now!