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Thank you so much for visiting HoneySpree! 
We are a door gifts company based in Singapore that specialises in customisable mini honey jars for all occasions. We have worked with numerous wedding & event planners, companies, and venues, to provide them with unique personalised honey gifts designed specially for their different occasions. 
If you are looking to add a touch of sweetness to your weddings, parties, or corporate events, HoneySpree is here to take care of all your gifting needs with our mini honey jars. We are here to help you delight your guests, letting them savour mini jars of multifloral honey as they celebrate with you on your special day. 
Feel free to browse through our store for our ready made honey jar designs to find a suitable design that best meets your event’s needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for something more personalised, as we also offer customisation services for our designs. Want us to design something totally unique? We've got you! 
We also constantly update our store with new and exciting designs and products, so do check back regularly. :) 
Lastly, as a social enterprise, our team at HoneySpree is committed to easing the burden of single moms and Stay-At-Home moms. With every mini honey jar sold, $0.30 will go to our network of single moms and Stay-At-Home moms who lovingly wrapped each mini honey jar.
Thank you for dropping by and happy shopping!
With sweetness,
The HoneySpree Team