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5 Surprising Ways To Use Manuka Honey

When you think of ways to use manuka honey, the first thing that comes to mind is to use it in your food and drinks. Aside from consuming it on its own, manuka honey is a great substitute for sugar and a flavourful addition to teas and smoothies.

But did you know that manuka honey can also be used in other unconventional ways? This versatile superfood has antibacterial properties which means it has other healthy uses.

Here are 5 surprising ways to use manuka honey:


    1. Use manuka honey to treat acne

      For a natural skincare alternative, look to manuka honey. It can be used as a facial cleanser or facial mask and testimonies online rave about how it is effective on acne.

      The natural antibacterial nature of manuka honey works wonderfully to clear skin of blemishes, while its anti-inflammatory qualities soothes the skin while it heals. The enzymes in the manuka honey work to exfoliate the skin and bring a glowing, brightening effect.

      Simply apply a small amount of manuka honey to your make-up-free face, and massage gently while focusing on any problem areas. Rinse off the honey with warm water, and then moisturise your skin. You may want to try it for 1 - 2 weeks before evaluating the results.

      For a facial mask, apply a thick layer of manuka honey on your face (or just on the affected areas, if the idea of covering your entire face with honey is too much for you!). Let it sit for at least 30 minutes so that your skin absorbs that manuka honey goodness. Then wash it off with warm water. This can be a great weekly treatment to help reduce redness and scarring.

        2. Use manuka honey if you have digestive problems

          Suffering from some acid reflux? Having gastritis? Experiencing indigestion? Manuka honey can be used to help rebalance our digestive system.

          As manuka honey is rich in probiotics, it is effective in dealing with bacteria in our digestive tracts. For instance, manuka honey helps to inhibit the growth of helicobacter pylori, a common bacteria found in the digestive tract. The enzymes contained in manuka honey also aids digestion.

          You can consume the manuka honey on its own, or add it to lemon juice which also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help ease your stomach problems.


            3. Use manuka honey to treat cuts and burns

              If you’re a honey expert, you’ll know that honey is often used as a home remedy for cuts, wounds and burns. Thanks to its high antimicrobial properties, research has shown that manuka honey is even more effective as a healing agent.

              Using manuka honey on wounds, cuts and burns helps to reduce inflammation, fight bacterial infection and promotes faster healing. The higher the UMF rating of the manuka honey, the higher its antibacterial properties. We suggest using our Pure New Zealand UMF 10.

              An easy to apply manuka honey on cuts, wounds and burns is to apply a thin layer of manuka honey to the bandage or dressing and then apply it to the affected area. You will need to regularly change the dressing and re-apply the manuka honey.

              (Do note that if it is a serious injury, consult your doctor first!)

                4. Use manuka honey to fight dental plaque

                  It sounds a little crazy: how can something sweet like manuka honey be beneficial for dental health? But it’s true (and we’ve got the science to back it up!). The secret lies in the antimicrobial properties of manuka honey. According to research conducted by the School of Dentistry, University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) discovered consuming a manuka honey product caused a 35% decrease in plaque!

                  So when you’re taking your daily spoonful of manuka honey, take the time to swish it in your mouth before swallowing. Your teeth and gums will thank you!


                    5. Use manuka honey to get a better night’s sleep

                      What’s better than a warm mug of milk before bedtime? A warm mug of milk plus manuka honey. Manuka honey works well as a sleep aid. What it does is set off a chain of biological reactions in the body that leads to the production of more melatonin, which gives the body the signal to sleep. In addition to that, taking manuka honey before bedtime also helps balance blood-sugar levels and provides the liver with enough glycogen for the night.

                      For best results, simply take one to two tablespoons of manuka honey at least one hour before bedtime. We also like adding it to warm milk for that added comfy sleepy-time feeling! Give it a try and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed!



                      Manuka honey is an excellent health food and its versatility is wonderful! Get your jar of Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey today and reap its health benefits!

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