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A number of people are doubtful when they are trying to figure out what is a more healthier option: honey or sugar? Since they are made from natural ingredients like glucose and fructose, this decision is difficult to make. However, we at HoneySpree strive to make things easier for our clients! Whether you are thinking to purchase raw honey or mini honey jars in Singapore, here is a comparison on honey and sugar that can help you make an informed decision.


Calorie Content

Honey and sugar, though both sweeteners, are slightly different in terms of calorie content. About 15g of table sugar contains about 46 calories while 15g of honey contains 64 calories. Although honey has more calories, it is quite concentrated. About half a teaspoon of honey is sweeter as compared to a tablespoon of sugar, ultimately making honey the better choice.


Impact On Blood Sugar Levels

A strong bonding between glucose and fructose results in a compound we call table sugar. Now when table sugar enters the body, it has to be broken down so that it can be effectively utilized to generate energy. The breakdown of sugar by the body’s internal enzymes can result in higher blood sugar levels. Honey, on the other hand, comes with a special enzyme that, when ingested, splits sucrose into glucose and fructose. It’s easier for our bodies to process such sugars and our blood sugar levels remain stable as a result. Moreover, the Glycemic Index of honey is healthier compared to table sugar. A low GI ensures the blood does not absorb too much sugar which, in turn, aids digestion.


Minerals and Vitamins

In terms of nutrition and diet, honey is a much better option than table sugar. Honey consists of essential minerals and vitamins, while table sugar does not. When the body absorbs table sugar, it utilizes its own minerals and vitamins reserves during metabolism, resulting in deficiencies. This is the reason why over weight and obese people also suffer from malnutrition. Honey does not need to use the body’s mineral and vitamin preserves since it already has its own. Plus, since honey comes with a variety of different flavours that not only make food healthy, but also tasty, it can be a great addition to a diet plan.


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