Tasty Food Ideas Best Paired with HoneyEverything Bridal

Food presentation can be the greatest bore we need the least for a whole productive and positive day. It is every man’s guilty pleasure to show and brag what they eat today, especially with the booming success of social media and a bunch of photo sharing apps today.

On that note, people are now torn between making the dish palatable at the same time absolutely presentable so people could post and share it with others. The birth of the word “Instagramable” or better yet called ‘Instagram’ worthy photos has put a lot of pressure from the way food is served on every plate. Creative ideas are now not only limited in the marketing and advertising chambers, but more so on the food and product itself as it can also be a viral and contagious form of free advertising.

There are different tasty dishes and meal that goes well with honey that taste good at the same time presented well.

  1. Pancakes

Pancakes will never be complete without a generous drizzle of Manuka honey. The color of the pancake as well as the honey complements well with each other as the honey coats it with an appetizing look. That is why kids love it!


  1. Oatmeal

With some slices of fruits and a sweet tang of honey, oatmeal is not an ordinary breakfast anymore. It is a healthy morning meal filled with fun colors and sweet flavours.


  1. BBQ and other meat products

Who says Manuka honey can’t get well with meat products? They are even loved better because of the sweet taste and appetizing aroma cause by the honey. You will always find the phrase, “glazed with honey” which social media lovers would love to use.


  1. Salad

A very healthy plate indeed. Honey adds another color to the bright shades of green spread in a plate of a vegetarian or Salad lovers.

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