Popular Wedding Colour Trends for 2018 Brides

Are you the bride on the lookout for the up and coming wedding color trends for 2018? Then you have landed the perfect place as we have shortlisted the most trendy colors to help you select your favorite one. So, go ahead and get an insight into the latest color trends and choose the theme for your wedding accordingly. This will help you to make a statement while making your big day all the more special.

1.   Dusty Rose

This theme is the latest trend as it is the perfect combination that can be used to dress up or down and is a great substitute for pink without being too feminine. Moreover, the decoration possibilities are limitless so you would have plenty of options and wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

2.   Millennial Pink and Blue

Another great and happening combination that would be making statements in 2018 is the millennial pink and blue as it is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine. So, if you are a couple who like to express their individuality while being a couple then this is the best choice for you.

3.   Lavender and Lilac

Another great up and coming combination for the weddings of 2018 is lavender and lilac. If you are thinking these are the same then you are mistaken as lavender offers a dusty touch while lilac offers freshness, so it is an ideal combo on the whole which can add interesting visual details.

4.   Black and White with a touch of Gold

If you are looking for the classic combination then what is better than black and white with a touch of gold. This gold will add the sparkle required to make the basic theme stand a class apart. Choose this one if you are into classic stuff while making it look elegant with the golden touch.

5.   Dusty Blue and Deep Red

These colors won’t just be used in the fall of the coming year but would be popular in any given season for the unexpected quality and visual variety that it offers. So, choose this one to make your wedding look high-end with perfect detailing.


6.   Peach and Vintage Red


If you are more of a vivacious couple who loves to express themselves through colors then peach and vintage red will be your colors at your wedding. The amount of floral options and décor items are endless. So, make your wedding the most refreshing and elegant affair with this fun theme.


7.   Shades of Blue

This provides you a great variety to choose from and play with to make the wedding look all the more ethereal. It can look effortlessly beautiful while working the best for any given season by dressing it up or down accordingly.

So, go ahead and choose your favorite color theme for your big day from our list of the most happening trends for the year 2018.


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