Why Drink Tea?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages drank all over the world.  There is true though that coffee is fast overtaking it in terms of popularity.  However, if you look closer in Asia, you would find out that people who drink tea and not coffee tend to live much longer.  The oldest living people in Japan, for example, only drink tea and water and nothing else.  This should tell you something; that tea has health benefits, perhaps more than any other beverage available in the market.  This should encourage you to shift to drinking tea instead of relying on coffee for breakfast and during breaks.

Benefits of tea

When you take a drink, it is always to replenish lost energy.  You may have noticed it much since your body would merely translate it into thirst.  You do not feel like you have lost strength, but you do feel thirsty.  A cup of tea does not relieve you of thirst.  It is too small.  However, it does make you recover fast from your lack of strength because of lost energy.  A cup of tea is potent enough to make you feel rejuvenated.  It is precisely because of this that old people love to drink it.

Why Organic Tea is the Best

There are different tea products in the market.  However, you should be aware that not all of them are really organic. There are those that already contain chemical compounds and flavorings.  These are not the ones that you should be drinking.  Instead, you should focus more on the ones that are pure and organic.  Those tea products that are organic are the ones that are really good for the body.  These are the ones that can really boost your energy as well as your immune system.

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