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I’m pretty certain that all of you cannot agree more with the age-old saying that “Health is wealth”, and like me one of your New Year wishes would be to enjoy good health and stay healthy all through the year. I mean, how would it be possible for you to going to enjoy good times (and good food, which is especially important for Singaporeans) when you are constantly in ill health?


Incidentally, discussions on health bring me to the topic on Beth Candice Wu and HoneySpree. The idea of starting up HoneySpree was mooted many years ago, when Beth went on a study exchange to New Zealand. Today I can still recall how she rattled continuously and excitedly about her trip after she came back to Singapore and left me in envy of the fun times she had over there. To summarize and cut the long story really short, Beth was in awe of the splendor and what Mother Nature in New Zealand had offered her and also mentioned how she found New Zealand Manuka honey to be something that could potentially help her mum. Those closest to her will know that her mum’s health hasn’t been in good shape for most of her adult life, and ever since Beth introduced her to Manuka honey her health has gone up north.


Upon realizing that there isn’t a big market in Singapore for Manuka honey, she thought she could set up HoneySpree to bring in authentic New Zealand Manuka honey at affordable prices for consumers and spread the benefits of Manuka honey and goodwill around. Since its launch in September 2012, HoneySpree has retailed a wide range of entirely-organic health products for everyone young and old. Some of the bestsellers include its flagship Pure New Zealand Manuka honey at various UMF ratings, well-known for its exceptional health benefits. 


Our Brand Story:



Some of the HoneySpree executives would remember a Behind-the-Scenes clip by Jasmine Vincent prior to HoneySpree’s launch. There was also a Campus Cooking Challenge that HoneySpree sponsored as part of its launch 4 years ago.


And oh, I’m sure not many of you are aware of HoneySpree’s participation in Google’s Women Entrepreneurs on the Web Initiative (WeOW) in November 2012. Since Beth is featured, do check it out! And which again brings us back to one possible question in the minds of some of you, regarding why I’m here.


During the midst of all the mess in my life, Beth approached me to help her out by contributing new content and articles for HoneySpree’s homepage and Hive Talk. It was going through a huge revamp and she was keen on taking HoneySpree towards a new direction. She thought I could write well given my professional background (which I leave to you to figure out i.e. guess), although I confess that the stuff I write on a regular basis has nothing to do with what she has in store for me. I used to publish a blog on Blogger, like some of our readers here including you perhaps, but I’ve stopped writing a long time ago not because I’ve grown tired but rather I’ve moved out of that phase of airing my thoughts out loud in that manner. I’ve always enjoyed writing and so I said yes to her immediately. This was one of the few bright sparks in my life. Not many people have believed and shown faith in my abilities constantly and Beth is one of them. Sometimes, self-confidence and self-belief aren’t enough, and I got to thank her for being one of the few who have supported me through difficult times.


By the way,  “Confessions of a HoneySpree Executive” consists of my random thoughts on honey, food, life and practically everything under the sun as far as things are concerned. I hope all readers and HoneySpree customers will enjoy this series I’ve specially created for HoneySpree’s Hive Talk. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all soon.

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Pliant - Jul 21, 2016

Thanks for sharing your story and Beth’s. Its truly inspiring and i wish you both all the best, looking to hear more! :)

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