How to Know Whether Your Health Food is Really Healthy?

Nowadays we can find so many brands of health foods and supplements in Singapore, and it is not surprising if you have not heard of certain brands because it is really too many out there.


            Claimed to contain refined minerals and vitamins, better health improvement, organically produced, consumers are left with choices that come in every direction. And here are 3 basic steps that you can use in making sure you get a reliable health food for yourself:


#1        Do some basic research on the products before you buy


            This is the most direct method for you to obtain information about whatever health food you intend to buy. Check whether the food is certified (such as by the United States Department of Agriculture) or free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). A health food that is organically grown should be cultivate in a natural setting and free from any genetically engineered process and pesticides!


#2        Read the label


            I know this sounds really daunting to read at the label for everything you buy but practise this, at least for your health supplements. Have a look at the ingredients and you might be surprised that some popular brands of food supplements contain modified substances.


            Also check out for the presence of fiber as many health foods products should be made from vegetables and fruits. Just remember this, the ideal fiber calculation is 14g per 1,000 calorie of food eaten.


#3        “Natural” doesn’t mean it is “organic”


            Remember, organic food or organically processed food supplements mean certain standard of production is met. Even though organic foods are produced using zero (or little) chemical fertilisers and pesticides, the foods are still in equal chance of being contaminated by potent bacteria during harvesting or processing.


            An organic product can be validated through certification, but “natural” food may not be entirely that natural. Thus, always read and check for information to ensure a more reliable and safe health food product is taken home with you.


            Read thoroughly and buy cleverly or you have to pay for it.

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