HoneySpree's Health-Friendly Crockery

HoneySpree is an online retailer and distributor of natural honey and health foods in Singapore, and also offers a variety of other health foods and beverages. In acquiescence with its pledge of producing a lineup of healthy, natural and organic products in Singapore, HoneySpree also makes available health-friendly cutlery to go with choices of tea beverages.

Tea experience now becomes much more enjoyable and health-assured as these products of HoneySpree free users from the unnecessary chemical intercessions brought by using non-health-friendly utensils in preparing and drinking tea. The shop offers its list of Crockery which includes Porcelain Tea Pot, Porcelain Teaspoon, Tea Strainer with Dipping Tray, Cherry Wood Honey Dipper and Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer Set.

Porcelain Tea Pot is a 450ml tea pot which comprises a user friendly firm lid good in keeping the flavours of the tea intact for a fairly long duration of time and is also capable of keeping the tea from getting cold that easily.

Porcelain Teaspoon cuts off worries about displeasing metallic taste caused by metal spoons, and its reaction with some components in tea while stirring. This is an easy-grip 13 cm teaspoon made especially for tea lovers.

Tea Strainer with Tipping Drip Tray will complete your tea accessories, and most especially will provide a more convenient way of straining the tea, without tending much attention in keeping the strainer in line.

Cherry Wood Honey Dipper saves the trouble of spilling honey while taking it using a metal spoon. The wood component of this dipper allows the honey to evenly stick inside the grooves on the head, thus preventing nasty spills and even helps in stirring the honey.

Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer Set boats of its stain-free quality finished with a high gloss. The 180 ml porcelain tea cup also features a wide handle for easy grip and hard tipping.

Now, your commitment to a healthier tea experience can be fulfilled 100% with this set of cutlery to make your teatime more fun, hale and hearty!


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