Healthy Tea for Your Toddlers

We all know that tea has a lot of healthy benefits for our health. But did you know that it is also good for your kids?

Apparently herbal tea is a healthy beverage that is good for everyone, and kids are no exception. It has a lot of properties that are good for their bodies. Here are the health reasons why your toddlers should have tea time, as well as tips on what type of tea you should give them in certain circumstances.

  1. It reduces anxiety: Many kids suffer from anxiety nowadays. Tea can help them calm their nervous system. You should give them chamomile, oat straw, or passionflower. For those who are under six years of age, skullcap is an ideal choice.
  2. Tea can soothe your kids’ cough: There are different types of tea, depending on their condition. For cough with sore throat, marshmallow root tea is the ideal choice. If the cough comes with congestion, give them licorice or coltsfoot tea.
  3. Tea helps ease your kids’ digestion: Tea not only calms your kids’ nerves; it also aids their digestion. Tea made of organic herbs such as chamomile flowers and anise leaves helps promote a healthy digestive system.
  4. Tea for rehydration diets: fruits of dog rose, bilberry and anise are ideal to help fix your kid’s lessen stomach, and rehydrate them. It is safe and easy to drink, which makes it an ideal beverage for hydrating your children.
  5. It helps them sleep better: there is nothing more calming than drinking a cup of tea before bedtime. A gentle mixture of lemon balm and Rooibos is the best way for your tots have sweet dreams.

When it comes to children’s tea in Singapore, you can easily find ones online, provided by HoneySpree. They are an online distributor that provides healthy food for adults and children. Have a fun tea party with your kids, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with them.

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