2016 Set To Be Second Largest Annual Loss of Honey Bee Colonies On Record

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According to the Washington Post , it seems like 2016 is set to be the second largest annual loss of honey bee colonies on record in the last ten years for American beekeepers.


What was alarming for scientists was that honey bee losses in the summer was just as heavy as that in the winter, especially when honey bees are supposed to be at their healthiest and strongest in the summer. Of particular concern is that there is no single factor that may be blamed for this incredible annual loss, despite strong governmental efforts to cut winter honey bee colony losses to 15% over the next ten years and reducing reliance on certain pesticides. It wouldn’t be surprising if the price of honey soars with heavy honey bee losses worldwide and honey harvests are on a gradual decline as a result.


It is probably a bigger surprise to some of us who fail to recognise just how important honey bees are for our food chain, because they are undisputedly the most influential pollinators in nature and ensure that numerous food plants are regularly pollinated. By “food plants” I’m talking about popular vegetables, nuts and fruits like pepper, cauliflower, broccoli and apples (just to name a few).


Imagine that you have reduced honey bees, which results in reduced pollination, and ultimately a reduction in harvests for our food plants. I guess I don’t have to remind you all just how important honey bees are, even if you are not a fan of honey.

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