Tasty Baby Shower Favours

Baby showers can be an emotional rollercoaster, preparing the mother to be for the arrival of their little cute baby is such a fun time. But it is important to remember that the guests are contributing to the party and for all of the fun and energy they invest into the frivolities, a door gift is very much needed for each guest.

What better way to enjoy a baby shower favour than to be able to eat or drink it?! There is no comparison when a door gift gives you a sensory overload that also includes taste.

So let’s take a look at some of the most delicious, original and edible baby shower favours out there!

And It’s Just like Honey!

How can you sum up the sweetness of a newborn baby? Well, you can start by giving all of your baby shower guests a little bit of paradise in a pot. These mini honey pots are a great baby shower gift to give to your nearest and dearest. 

The honey tastes divine and the pots are petite and decorated to perfection and will give your guests a great baby shower souvenir of your time together.

Champagne To Celebrate.

Having some form of alcohol to ‘wet the babies head’ once the little beauty is born is important. These miniature bottles of champagne give elegance and a touch of class to proceedings. 

Your guests will drink the champagne at some point and will keep the bottle as a baby shower souvenir which will remind them of the great time they had.

Candy And Childhood

There is a huge link to candy and being a child, so it wouldn’t be a baby shower without some sort of candy to devour at some point along the way. You can buy the bottles yourself and fill with the desired candy or buy them pre-made, there are so many possibilities to make them unique and focused on your own baby shower.

Candles That Look Good Enough To Eat

This one is a bit of a cheat, although you can’t eat these beautiful macaron candles they get a special mention because they look scrumptious and are so well made. They produce a wonderful door gift for your baby shower guests and every time they are lit and your guests smell them, they will think of the baby shower and the fun times that they had.


Remember whatever baby shower favour or door gift that you give, make sure it is from the heart and it will be something that your guests will want to take home with them at the end of the day.

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