When A Bee Stings

Let’s get down to business with the honey bee’s anatomy.


So interesting enough, the honey bee’s abdomen is made up of 7 different segments which house various internal organs to keep the honey bee alive. For the females, there are the reproductive organs in the queen bee and everyone’s dreaded sting found in female worker bees. So for some of you today, you probably just found out that only female bees sting, not the males.

Sting of a bee, where the barbs (zig-zags on the sting) prevent the sting from being pulled out of the victim easily.

Of course, female bees don’t use their stings for no apparent reason. There’s no reason to unless they have been provoked. Don’t forget that after the bee stings an unfortunate victim, some parts of its digestive system are pulled out together with the sting upon its flight. Sounds gross isn’t it?  It’s also unfortunate that their sting is made up of barbs that prevent the sting from being pulled out after the attack. I don’t think I need to remind all of you that the final outcome soon after for that bee is death.


And what about the medical treatment regarding bee stings, you may wonder? Well, the skin gets exposed to venom from the sting resulting irritation and pain for the victim. The human immune system produces histamines subsequently to counter the venom and the sting, but in severe cases victims may go into anaphylactic shock and in worse cases, cause death. So, do treat bee stings seriously and seek a doctor immediately.

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