Manuka Honey: Not Your Ordinary HoneyAll About Honey

Honey is known many by many as honey. People don’t usually distinguish one kind of honey from the other since they are all usually used as a sweetener and nothing more. Little do they know that a honey can be best produced in other countries. Moreover, these kinds of honey are even seen to be more special since these are more effective in terms of the health benefits of a honey.

People who are so particular with honey would always call it active Manuka honey or UMF honey. These kinds of honey are gradually penetrating a larger market around the globe. Its qualities sets it apart from the others. How? The facts about them can tell the tale.

Interestingly, the quality and healing ability of a honey depends on where it is found. People who are obsessed with this sweet gift from nature have come looking for the best honey, they could ever have and they found it in New Zealand. Ever since that day, they’ve set that honey from the others by calling it Manuka honey.

The term Manuka was taken from Manuka flower that bees primarily use to make honey. Its nectar is where the healing properties of the honey come from. Active Manuka honey is used to prevent disease- something that can strengthen the immune system of its consumers. Aside from it taste better than an ordinary honey, it is also more effective in fighting off diseases.

UMF honey, on the other hand, honey is more likely to be treated as a medicinal food more than being a perfect organic sweetener in a particular recipe or a sweet vitamin to prevent diseases.


Manuka honey continues to gain global reputation because of its seemingly magnified effects and health benefits. Its reputation of being too good to be true has been taken to another level as people found something more refined and healthier and still without the intervention of man.

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