A Love As Sweet As Honey

Honey was believed by numerous ancient cultures to symbolise love and matrimony and was often included in the rituals of marriage. The golden nectar is definitely a fitting representation for the sweetness of love and life. Even Cupid was said to have dipped his arrows of love in honey before pairing couples!

In Celtic Mythology, honey wine, or mead, was an essential part of wedding rituals. Honey wine had to be consumed by the couple every evening during the post-matrimonial month of honey, coining the term “honeymoon”. Even to present day, honey wine is firmly anchored in Irish culture and continues to be widely consumed at wedding receptions to bless the newlyweds with a sweet marriage and life ahead together.

This makes honey the perfect wedding favour for guests, to thank them for attending the wedding and share in the sweetness of marriages. A golden gourmet treat for guests in a lovely vintage jar is a relatively easy, inexpensive and suitable wedding favour.


To make it truly yours, decorative customised labels are available! Send in your own designs with photos of the bride and groom, names or initials and sweet love quotes to make the wedding favours unique.


With the wedding season nearing, think about what wedding favours you will be giving your guests today!

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